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F L O W E R   S U B S C R I P T I O N S   
P R E M I U M  &  S H O W S T O P P E R  S I Z E

 Our "Premium" & "Showstopper" subscriptions are filled with an abundance of flowers, either arranged in a container on loan or as a paper wrapped bouquet ready to fill one very large vase or several smaller ones.  
These swoon worthy subscriptions is sure to make every day more beautiful.

  P R E M I U M
M O N T H L Y  $85  B I W E E K L Y  $80  W E E K L Y  $75
M O N T H L Y  $110    B I W E E K L Y  $100    W E E K L Y  $95

Members of our flower subscription program enjoy access to a unique assortment of flowers, incorporating locally grown blooms during the growing season.  Each bouquet is created individually in our own signature style.

Deliveries (within range) will usually be made on Thursdays, please provide detailed instructions if flowers need to be left somewhere other than your front doorstep.   Bouquet members do need to leave a container of water out for the bouquet.    You are always welcome to pick up from our location in Oak Park. 

Is this a gift?  Please fill this out with YOUR information, and give us the recipients name in the comments.  We will be in touch to confirm everything.

O R D E R    A    M E M B E R S H I P 

Your request has been sent, we'll be in touch!

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