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B R E A D    B A K I N G    C L A S S E S

Discover your inner baker & join us for some exceptionally fun virtual baking classes, while supporting our neighbors in need.    40% of all course fees will be donated to Beyond Hunger, to assist them in feeding others during this unprecedented time of need.

Deluxe level classes include doorstep drop off of all ingredients needed (OP & neighboring communities).  Farther afield?   Want to do it with friends?    Instruction only lessons are available!


 New classes are developed to meet special requests & demand.  Current offerings include:

Sourdough Bread Baking - Our signature class, featuring personal coaching & instruction that teach you to make your own beautiful loaves of naturally levened bread.  Deluxe classes include a container of our 20+ year old sourdough starter.

Bagels - This core class features instruction and hands-on tutorials to make bagels at home.  Lots of variations to suit your family's preferences.

*  Coming Soon:  Pretzels & More!

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