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F U N D R A I S I N G   &   P H I L A N T H R O P Y

We are committed to supporting our community & are always excited to discuss creative ways we can help your favorite group or non-profit. 

10% or more of our profits are donated via in kind and cash donations.

  • Donation of flowers, flower arrangements, and time to Collaboration for Early Childhood, Oak Park Temple, Grace Lutheran School, OPRF Historical Society, Infant Welfare Society, Slow Fire Foundation and more.

  • Spring Bulb donation to Empowering Gardens

  • Cash donations to By the Hand Club, Wonder Works, Infant Welfare Society, Hephzibah Children's Association, Beyond Hunger, ProBono Network, Collaboration for Early Childhood, Animal Care League & OP Library

  • Stocking 3 community fridges in Oak Park & Maywood

  • Auction donations for Sarah's Inn, OPRF Huskie Boosters, Wonder Works Children's Museum, Hephzibah, New Moms, Farther Foundation, Intercultural Montesorri School, and community fundraisers for families in crisis

  • Lunch for 40 for residents of Housing Forward residential housing unit (multiple times)

  • Seeds for Sarah's Inn, Dahlias for Dental Health (Infant Welfare Society) sales

  • Small flower gifts & acts of kindness for people in the community

  • Holiday Gift Basket Program Sponsorships through Oak Park Women's Guild

  • Bulbs for Beyond Hunger fall sale of spring flowering bulbs & peony roots and spring lily bulb sales(.

  • PRIDE bouquets to benefit OPALGA+

  • New Moms Together We Thrive - Flower Arranging Workshops, Gift Basket Raffle Drawing, Garden Parties

  • Flower Arrangement donations to OPRF Imagine Foundation, KAN WIN, and OPRF Rainbow Celebration

  • International Women's Day flowers raising funds for New Moms, CAWC & Sarah's Inn

  • Recital Bouquet Give Backs - Preorders of recital bouquets to celebrate the big event, with a portion of proceeds coming back to the theater program or arts school.

  • Sourdough Bread & Bagel Baking classes benefiting Beyond Hunger

  • Flower Rescue - rescuing flowers headed for the dumpster & sharing them with nursing homes, hospital staff, and people in the community 

  • Flower bouquets sold at OPWG bake sales to benefit 7 local charities.

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Snowy Friday end of the week thanks to T
Thank you AGAIN to @traderjoes oak park
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